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Face Ball rolling

Save Face

One-on-one classes

Yamuna’s Save Face offers a proactive solution to the effects of repetitive stress and sustained tension by stimulating and aligning bone, activating muscle, increasing circulation and tone, and reversing the effects of gravity.

Yamuna gives us a logical, effective way to approach facial care.


Save Face Kit


Improved alignment
Improved bone quality
Improved circulation
Improved skin and muscle tone 

Reduced eye strain and tension

Eased sinus headaches

Diminished TMJ issues

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Yamuna Face ball

What Yamuna Face Balls Can Do For You

Is your face starting to look tired? A little droopy? Are you stressed? Do you have sinus problems? Maybe TMJ?


Yamuna Face Balls took me on a personal journey to see how I could improve my face holistically. 

Yamuna Save Your Face  shows you how to apply the same basic concepts of bone stimulation and specific muscle work to the face. When you directly stimulate the facial bones, you prevent bone loss, keep the bones aligned and lifted, and keep the muscles adhering to their attachments and the bone itself. Lose your repetitive stress patterns in your face, take the tension out, and improve your skin glow and muscle tone with the Yamuna Save Face education.

If you haven’t tried Yamuna Body Rolling, you should take a class this week! Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) is a rolling technique where you use various-sized balls to stimulate the bones and release the muscles and tendons.  The balls we use for YBR are soft, so they are able to penetrate through soft tissue direstly to the bone.  YBR is a slow, logical way to roll; unlike foam rolling which is faster and does not consider the bone at all.



Save Face


  • Relieve TMJ and jaw pain

  • Opens your sinuses

  • Alleviate eye strain

  • Natural face lift

  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

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