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Yamuna Foot Fitness


Yamuna Foot Fitness

Strengthen and Tone Your Feet and Your Whole Body Benefits

Yamuna® Foot Fitness is essential for all ages and fitness levels. The program offers education, awareness, and training to strengthen the feet for general health and prevention.

Foot Fitness

One-on-one, classes

Yamuna’s Foot Fitness was developed to retrain the feet and restore full foot function. It helps improve total body posture, alignment, gait, flexibility, strength and circulation. The goal being to “get your shoes out of your feet.”

Taking care of your feet is the ultimate anti-aging treatment!


Heals and prevents common foot problems Improves foot alignment and function Improves gait and foot mobility

Who needs Yamuna® Foot Fitness?

The beauty of Yamuna® Foot Fitness is that it can be modified to your own abilities and tolerance; including being done sitting or standing.

Foot Conditions

Only a small percentage of people are actually born with foot problems! These problems come about from a lack of foot education, awareness, and training.


Flat Feet

Plantar Fasciitis

Morton’s Neuroma

Increase Flexibility

Improve Gait & Alignment

Proper Foot Function

Anyone who plays hard

Whether you’re a dancer, athlete or just love to stroll the neighborhood, Yamuna Foot Fitness is an essential tool to strengthen and maintain toned feet throughout your life.

The Elderly

Foot problems in the elderly are extremely common. They cause major pain and disability, resulting in a loss of mobility and independence.


You need to care for the feet like the rest of your body. Make them strong and healthy to last you a lifetime, and keep you on the go, always.


Yamuna Foot Fitness

Why I love the wakers 
Expose yourself to natural terrain 
Most human-made surfaces are flat, smooth, hard, and unnatural. Many of us spend most of our waking hours on these artificial surfaces, often while wearing footwear as well.
Exposing yourself to natural, uneven, rough, varied terrain is a great way to stimulate your body and can provide a lot of benefits:
Start with taking your shoes off and going outside. On grass, a beach, a trail, on rocks etc.
You will notice that it is uncomfortable, and that you have to pay way more attention to how and where you are stepping.
A few things this will do:
- Toughen your feet up (and you up).
- desensitize your feet
- challenge your balance and stability more
- make you more aware of how you are moving
- force you to buffer impact better, naturally react to changes in the surface below etc.
- mobilize your feet and ankles more, and naturally massage your feet.
Start to introduce wakers (natural terrain) into your life...It feels very good once you get used to it.

Yamuna Foot Fitness – Build-wake up-different parts of your feet for better foot function
a Solid Foundation
How often do you cram your tootsies into fashionable footwear, bounce around a tennis court, or pound the pavement to get 10,000 steps in on your Fitbit?
Well done on your aerobic activity!
But here’s the problem, all that impact takes a toll on your precious feet. We generally ignore our feet – that is, until one day, you suddenly wake up with foot pain and wonder what happened. Well, guess what? That foot pain didn’t happen overnight. The impact has been accumulating for years. With every step, your feet absorb tremendous weight-bearing stress. And over time, this stress leads to imbalanced standing and walking patterns that cause your feet to contract, bones to narrow, and muscles to atrophy.
As a result, all 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your feet become stiff, misaligned, and feel glued together. And all those Cortisone shots, orthotics, and corrective shoes won’t fix your feet if you don’t stretch, strengthen, and learn to walk properly.
Your feet are truly your entire foundation. Just like your house needs a proper foundation for structural support – so do your feet.
Liberate Your Soles with YBR 

Put the spring back in your step with Yamuna Foot Fitness.
Yamuna Foot Waker and Foot Saver exercises help heal painful foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuromas, Achilles tendonitis, fallen arches, bunions, and more.

Your heels – arches – balls of your foot – and toes – all need to work in unison for better posture, performance, and pain-free walking.
YBR Foot Fitness exercises also stimulate powerful reflexology and acupuncture points in the feet to boost energy, blood flow, and circulation head to toe.
So when you care for your feet – you’re whole body benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use just any ball?
Will any ball work? Can’t I just use my husband’s bowling ball?
I get asked this all the time!We ONLY recommend our proprietary balls as they have been thoroughly tested for quality and effectiveness.Plus we really want you to be safe and never recommend hard balls with no give like lacrosse balls or hard foam rollers. Remember this is not a “no pain no gain method”. We want a healing response not pain! 

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