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Our Clients Say

“Life. Changing. I’ve been struggling with knee pain since high school and it’s only gotten worse - I’m 26 years old. After my first session on the wakers.I called my dad and gushed about the results I saw in just one hour with Mindy, and at that moment I knew there would be real change. I recommend Mindy not only because gyro-tonics works, but because Mindy herself is a delight and cares about the client first and foremost. She teaches you how to do the practice so you really understand and feel the positions to ensure you can do them on your own. She is flexible, easy to schedule with, and fun to talk to! I can’t rave about or recommend Mindy enough - trust me, just try it. The results speak for themselves.”

 Bailey Boccia 


Mindy Rudin has been my Gyrotonic Trainer for the last 3 years, and I couldn't be happier! I was already a lifelong proponent of Gyro when I met Mindy, but working with her has only deepened my dedication. 
I have a long history of back and joint issues. Through this work my body learns new ways to move and new ways to protect itself - sometimes without my even realizing that it's happened. My quality of life is greatly improved with Gyro.
Mindy is thoughtful, insightful and creative. She knows very well how to push just hard enough for you to benefit from the work without going too far. She is constantly making adjustments and introducing new challenges. And she makes it really fun!
Keith O


 I met Mindy last August and she’s changed my life. A year ago I could hardly walk and had no energy. With a few months of her therapy, I am walking and moving freely without pain. I highly recommend Gyrotonics to improve your health and wellbeing.


"Mindy is one of those rare instructor's who understands people, as well passion for nurturing the relationship between client and body"

Carla,St Petersburg Fl

Testimonial from :
Working with Mindy Rudin has been life-changing! As someone who sits at a computer all day, I suffered from neck and back pain. But within just two months of Gyrotonics and Yamana training with Mindy, my posture has improved, and I have fewer headaches. Mindy's personalized approach and home exercises have made me more aware of how I hold my body. She's not just a trainer; she genuinely cares about her clients' well-being. I look forward to every session, knowing I'm getting stronger and more flexible. Mindy has transformed my life – I'm forever grateful!
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